Saturday, March 15, 2008

Winter Garden painting is finally finished!

I started this painting way last summer, but thanks to my new little painting group, I managed to finish it today. I invited some friends to come and paint at my house on Saturdays, and this forces me to paint, too. It took three more sessions to finish this one, which I called "Winter Garden." I also drew up my next painting--it's a photo that I had already chosen and even printed up large, but it has been waiting patiently for months. It feels so good to be painting again.


Twila Grace said...

Goodness, this is beautiful! So is it quilted? I'm not able to tell.

Twila Grace said...

Sorry about that question, I see that you say that it is a painting. Very very nice. Looks as if it could be my little garden outside my back door, complete with little dead, brown leaves. I love it.