Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Signs of spring!

All these photos were taken in my small front garden. The bees love the bush with the tiny purple flowers. I planted a bunch of iris bulbs a few years ago and finally, three of them decided to produce blooms this year! Look for Ginger the cat sleeping in the flower bed...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A lovely day at Lisa's Tea Treasures

I used a groupon for tea at Lisa's Tea Treasures in Menlo Park, it was delicious! Their shop is full of lovely china and other items. We bought some of the special Strawberry Cream and Rose teas to bring home.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Gallery M woodworking in Half Moon Bay

We browsed through Gallery M this past weekend and were impressed with the gorgeous handmade items. I bought a wood crochet hook and a set of 4 buttons made of rhodendron wood.

Lining vintage metal boxes

I inherited a vintage metal box (possibly pewter?) from my aunt, which had a silk lining that was falling apart. Then for Christmas this year, I got a larger, similar box that had no lining at all. So I used a couple of silk fabric remnants, cording, strips of thin cardboard, cotton quilt batting, and glue to give them both new linings, and here's the result! The small box had a strip of cardboard inside the fabric to keep it pressed against the inside of the box, so I sewed the fabric onto the edge of the cardboard, placed it inside the box, then glued cording along the top edge to attach it to the fabric piece and the metal box. The batting is placed under the fabric but is not actually glued to the box or the fabric.