Wednesday, March 05, 2008

California Fiber Artists meeting

Another day, another California Fiber Artists meeting. Actually, we all get together only one day a year in person--at other times, we communicate by e-mail and we hang, on average, about four shows a year in various galleries and museums. Our next show is a display at the upcoming East Bay Heritage Quilters Show in Oakland, CA. in April.

These pictures show quilts by Karen Flamme (she pronounces it "Flame"). We met at her house in Oakland, just at the edge of where the Oakland fire burned so many homes about ten years ago. The views of the bay are spectacular. She has a very pretty back patio and a super-neat home studio. (is it always that tidy???)

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Twila Grace said...

Tidy...hmmm...I gave up on that when I John and I became a couple. Between his scenic design/painting and my sewing, tidy is just not possible.