Sunday, January 13, 2008

another painting in progress

I started this large painting last summer, but haven;t worked on it since September. Now that my friend Linda and I have started a semi-regular painting group, I am going to finish it. We painted together yesterday for the first time, and I got quite a lot done on this.

poor lighting

I submitted two of my pieces to the Coastal Arts League Gallery Member's show. One is in a great spot (Farmer John's Pumpkins) but the other (Veiled Nude) is in the darkest corner, too high up on the wall. [note:I don't know why it is sideways--it isn't that way on my computer.] I am posting two shots of the gallery--that dark rectangle in the corner is Veiled Nude (you can see it in the close up shot). Now why do people do that? Somehow, no matter which show I enter, I invariably find that the lighting on MY piece is terrible. It would have been better to switch the two--the dark Veiled Nude really needs good lighting, but the pumpkin painting is bright enough to stand out, even in a dark location.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Start the new year with a radish

I just finished this little painting, the Chronicle ran a photo of radishes that I really liked so that was my inspiration. Plus, the color scheme is so Christmas.