Friday, March 21, 2008

My new 3D art quilts

I finally took pictures of my new 3D art quilts today--they aren't really quilts, although I did print photos onto fabric and sew them together. Then I fused them onto 300 lb watercolor paper (which is made of cotton) and created these two shapes, a square and a circle. Or a cube and a cylinder. Or whatever. They are for the CFA "Dwellings" exhibit which does not have a venue yet. Not sure I will make more of them, I like making books better. But it was an interesting challenge. The photos were taken at Ft. Mason, except for the grey windows inside the square piece--those were taken at Oxbow school in Napa. Size: they are both about 10 inches in height, the square one is 7 inches wide and also 7 inches deep; the circular one is 9 inches in diameter.

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Twila Grace said...

Really cool!