Thursday, September 28, 2006

Second Ft. Mason

Okay, the first picture is NOT Ft. Mason. It is an old appliqued baby quilt top that I bought at an antique store in Social Circle, near Atlanta. (Yes, there is really a town called Social Circle, it's very cute.) Many years ago, I bought one similar to this at a garage sale in Los Angeles. The applique was almost done, so I hand quilted the top. I was thinking I might do the same thing with this one, but it's too I will donate it to an auction. (It only cost $15.)

The second picture is a smaller version of the first photo quilt I made, which is shown way back in the beginning of this blog. This new one is smaller, and printed on smooth cotton fabric instead of textured polyester.


Debra said...

Ya know, Marina, I think you've found your true niche with these photo quilts. They are fabulous. I love the repeated images and the the overall look.

marina said...

Thanks! You know how I was working at Art Quilt Tahoe--in a style that was fine, just not a challenge anymore. These photo quilts are the challenge I needed. They are not technically hard to make, the challenge is mainly in finding the right picture.