Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Camperdown Elm

This is the unquilted top for the big Camperdown Elm quilt. The blended border fabric is something I picked up in Atlanta, the perfect greens for this quilt. I will not use basting spray anymore--it gets all over my sewing room (my new ruler needs to be cleaned already). But I'm liking iron-on fleece instead of batting.


Desiree said...

Hi Marina,

I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to repond to your question and visit your blog. First I loved the way the scanned artwork turned out when I printed it to the fabric best. The fabric crayons were a bit disappointing since the colors arent as vibrant. But, when the iron melted them the pictures that was left was great, thats what gave me the idea to do the quilt. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I love your blog and your work, we have alot in common. I also do watercolors and murals, started doing some colored pencil, I am enjoying that too. I have a blog that I post sketches on and paintings if you are interested its http://myclothesline.blogspot.com Although its all art I thought it would be easier to have an art blog and a quilting blog but I have come to find out that many artists' quilt and visa versa.

marina said...

HI Desiree,

I love your blogs! And I am going to Houston this year for the first time, so I will look for your quilt. Many years ago, I had a quilt on display there, but was unable to go to the show myself. (The quilt was also published in a book, "Japanese Quilts" by Jill Liddell and Yuko Watanabe.) I still have a few posters of the quilt that were produced for an auction at the San Jose Quilt Museum--I should post those on my blog and sell them!