Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Games People Play

A Quiltnet member asked me to print a piece of fabric for her to make a bag that her parents can keep their Scrabble pieces in. I shot a photo of my scrabble board, and this reminded me that the San Francisco Quilters Guild is having a challenge for our next quilt show, and the theme is "Games People Play." So I quickly set up the Scrabble board, this time with more words on it (I got the words from a watercolor painting I saw at the recent Sausalito Art Festival). It's about 20 inches square.

The two smaller quilts are each 12 inches square: the quilt with color dots on the edges is mine, the other one will be donated to the SAQA auction at the annual meeting in 2007. These are made from the same picture of the Camperdown Elm, a cool tree at Filoli Gardens. I accidentally printed two sheets of fabric the wrong size for the Camperdown quilt I am making (photo coming soon!) so I was happy to find a way to use them in these small quilts. I just cut both pictures in half and reunited the halves (two bottoms and two tops). Interesting, huh?

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Karoda said...

oooh, i did a little chair bounce at the image of the scrabble quilt! i haven't played in months but i'm an addict once i start!