Friday, May 05, 2006

Free e-mail newsletter about art

For awhile, I have been getting weekly emails about art from Robert Genn. These are free, you can sign up at
the community

He is an interesting writer and also includes comments from other artists. If you let me sign you up, I can get a free book--but you can go ahead and sign yourself up, too. I find it inspiring to get emails about art, not just about quilting. I used to enjoy the quiltart mailing list, but there were so many off-topic posts that I am unsubscribed at the moment. Seems like I spend enough time at the computer as it is, since I work at home there are many other things I could be doing than reading email.

The photos are from a garden tour I recently took in Palo Alto. The rocks and tree roots will become another watercolor painting. The metal statue was in a garden, I have seen work by this same artist (don't know his name) at Ft. Mason craft shows, but this is the first time I have seen his work in an actual garden.

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