Monday, July 02, 2012

Dolls at the Alameda Antique Market

Aren't these ladies gorgeous? I looked at all the dolls I could find at the Alameda Antique Market yesterday, but bought only one tiny Ginny purse ($3). There were several "fake" Ginny dolls--if they don't have the name Ginny stamped on their backs, they are imitations. I also saw some vintage doll clothes but could not tell if they would fit Ginny, so I didn't buy them. All I brought home were a couple of vintage knitting magazines and 2 sets of unused linen hankies from Penney's ($10 for 8 hankies in different colors). I want to try crocheting edgings on them using some of my vintage patterns. We had lunch at Fenton's in Oakland afterwards, and I shopped at Piedmont Yarns and at Piedmont Fabrics down the street, but didn't buy anything there, either.

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