Tuesday, June 26, 2012

San Mateo County Fair

This year, I volunteered for the crochet booth at the San Mateo County Fair again. It was in the only air conditioned building on the fairgrounds and the temps got up to 100 degrees that day, so it was a very pleasant job. I got a lot of crocheting done on some tiny doll patterns and also enjoyed some fair food. I have already posted most of my photos on the magazine's site, but I saved a couple for this blog. One is the display case of vintage dolls, including a Ginny. (The fair has a section for "collections", that's where this was shown.) The other is a guy in a great Walking Tree outfit--he must have been on stilts since he was very tall. I wonder if he also goes to the Maker Faire? The worst thing that happened that day was when I stopped at the 1870 Art Center in Belmont to get info about a wood carving class, and discovered that ALL of the artists have moved out! I managed to contact one of them (Ruth Waters) and she told me that they have found a new spot in Burlingame--I'll post more info when I find out where it is. I have been visiting the 1870 Art Center for years, but now it exists only in my memory (and photos I have posted on this blog). Sigh.

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