Wednesday, September 10, 2008

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

I took my daughter and her roommate to see the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) on Sunday. We didn't want to pay an extra $5 to see the Frida Kahlo show (you've seen one Frida, you've seen them all) but there were a couple of other exhibits there and we managed to spend a few hours looking around at weird contemporary art from China (the oddest piece was a sculpture of Mao lying down, surrounded by hundreds of small plastic dinasaurs) and photos by Lee Miller. During the 1940's, she went to Europe as a Vogue fashion photographer and also wrote articles with photos about the horrors of the Nazi death camps that were published in Vogue. I could not take pictures of the exhibits, so here is a shot of the SF skyline from a rooftop terrace, complete with large dinosaur sculpture. I liked the way the shadows were cast on my daughter and her friend as they peered through a cut-out in the wall. We also walked through Yerba Buena gardens where a free concert was just winding up, and had a snack at the Metreon. It was a very fun day.

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