Saturday, September 13, 2008

Korean textiles at the Asian Art Museum

Today at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, the big show is Chinese Ming Dynasty art. It was okay--some nice embroideries--but there were too many tour guides talking too loudly for my taste. On another floor of the museum, much less crowded, I found this small exhibit of contemporary textile art from Korea. I probably wasn't supposed to take these photos, but no guard was around to say no, and I didn't use the flash (in another gallery, I asked the guard and she said it was okay if I didn't use a flash). So maybe it was okay. This woman's head is made of linen pieces stitched together and reinforced with steel wire. The other piece is also made of fabric, lit from within. The museum is giving away a nice color catalog of the show, check it out if you get a chance.

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Jomama said...

Hi Marina,

This looks like examples of "Bojagi", which are Korean wrapping cloths. They are made from scraps of fabric, and hand-pieced, much like a quilt. Japanese fiber fans may be familiar with furoshiki, which is the Japanese equivalent. Anyway, I know the lighted tower is not an actual wrapping cloth, but what I can see of the seams looks similar to the flat felled seam usually used. Good example here:
I wish I had been able to make this exhibit--work was too busy then.