Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fabric Books

These are a few fabric books I made. The largest was also the first--I cut a failed watercolor painting into strips, then wove those together with fabric and sewed it all on the machine. For the inside pages, I fused various bits and pieces of fabric together, and fastened it with a fimo clay button that I purchased a couple of years ago.

The two smallest books are made with spin art. I saved a few of the pieces my kids made when they were younger.


Kyra said...


Very intresting fabric book cover! Did it take long to make? I'd love to learn how.

Best, Kyra

marina said...

I just saw your comment--I cut the paper strips and taped them onto a piece of paper while I wove the fabric strips back and forth. Then I carefully lifted the whole thing off the paper (cut off the tape or peel it off) and sewed it on the machine to hold the pieces together. I made a piece big enough for both front and back covers--just fold it at the spine. The inside pages are also sewn in, but you could glue them along the spine.