Wednesday, June 06, 2007

still knitting like crazy

Okay, so I have not done anything in the realm of painting or quilting, but I have been knitting! The socks here are the Victorian Lace pattern, available only to members of the Six Sock Knitalong on yahoo groups. I used Cherry Tree Hill supersock yarn that I bought on a recent trip to Virginia. I also attended the SAQA annual meeting in Athens, Ohio and got to see Quilt National in person at last, a long-cherished dream. I bought a small quilt there and had a great time. On the plane flight home, there were at least three knitters busily stitching away--two of us were making socks, the other was making something lacey.


Knit*Six said...

Hi, Marina, I came across your comment on FairIsle53 today. These are really so pretty. I'll have to check out that Yahoo group now...Any reason to cast on a new project is good enough for me ;-)

marina said...

It's a great group, the patterns are really unique. If you post photos of both your in-progress socks and also the finished ones before the next pattern comes out, you are eligible to win a prize! I haven't won yet, but it's an added incentive to keep knitting socks.