Thursday, April 20, 2006

Peek Into My Sketchbook

These three pages are from my 2005 journal--it is larger than my current journal, so it's easier to scan. These journals include interesting quotes that I come across in my reading, as well as sketches of things that I see. Bits of "ephemera" are taped onto the pages whenever appropriate. Usually, I sketch with a black fine point marker, then later at home I use watercolor paints to add color. These pages will be sent to Artists Sketchbook magazine--they publish pages from readers who send them in.

No-Fear Guide to Creating Art Journals

Last weekend, I met Sabrina Ward Harrison -- she is a young artist who has been staying on a ranch nearby for several months and was doing a book signing and reading at a local bookstore. I bought all her books, including the newest one, "The True and The Questions." But I asked her to sign my own journal, instead.

Sabrina Ward Harrison's Art Journals


Deborah said...

How wonderful to hear Sabrina Ward Harrison! And so brilliant to ask her to sign your journal. I love it. Your sketch book pages are lovely. I love peeking into other people's sketch books. Thanks so much for sharing!

Elle said...

Thanks for sharing your sketchbook pages.