Saturday, April 15, 2006

Adam and Eve

This is my newest quilt--I made it specifically for a show called "The Naked Truth." The two drawings by Rubens were printed onto fabric and then I designed the quilt around them, using some silk shibori scraps I bought from Judith Content several years ago (the horizontal pieces across the bottom and middle of the quilt) along with a large grey piece of fabric I painted. This quilt is about 30 inches square.

When I first finished the quilting, it was warped badly. I slice out about half an inch next to the "Adam" image, and then I pinned it on the floor and held a steam iron over it. I hope that fixed it! I usually don't do this much machine quilting, but the smaller pieces that I heavily quilted did not warp, so I'm not sure why this one did.

The color scheme is very subdued compared to my usual bright colors and I really like it--this could be a new direction for my fiber art. It's more like my watercolor paintings, don't you think?

"The Naked Truth" is a group show by the California Fiber Artists ( It will be at the Coastal Arts League Museum and Gallery in Half Moon Bay, from June 8 through July 3, 2006. ( I hope you'll come by and see it.

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