Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First grand baby, first clothing design

I looked all over but could not find a christening gown that I liked. They were either way too elaborate (I had only a few weeks to make it) or too simple, like white play dresses. So I did what any thinking knitter would do, and designed one. Using creamy cashmere laceweight from my stash--I don't need a white lace shawl for myself, after all. Here it is! I am posting the pattern for sale on ravelry, and if you do not belong to ravelry, you can send me $5 via paypal and I'll send you the PDF pattern in exchange. Pictures of actual baby wearing the gown will be posted as soon as I have them.


Jomama said...

Wow--that came out AWESOME, Marina!

marina said...

Thanks! I just added a link to my sidebar if you want to buy the pattern through ravelry, even if you are not a member of ravelry this should work (let me know if it doesn't!) I can also send you the pattern directly if you pay $5 via paypal.

LouAnne said...

Marina: I love the little christening dress. I made a long one from a pineapple crochet pattern some years ago. It's a true family heirloom. Your granddaughter is a charmer! I kept the site you sent that her dad put up so when I need a baby fix I can drool over Jeannette!