Monday, May 04, 2009

lost lace and reward for honesty

Remember that lovely round lace shawl I was so proud of finishing last week? Well, I lost it. I went to downtown Burlingame to meet a friend, shopped a bit, and when I got home, the shawl was gone. I searched, placed a lost&found ad, filed a police report, and distributed flyers. If I dropped it in the street or a store, someone picked it up and took it home--they did not turn it in yet.

In much better news, I received a box full of goodies from Hawaii, sent by the grateful owners of the camera I returned last month (see pic). This is proof that I'm a good person, I deserve to get that shawl back. UPDATE: I did get the shawl back! An employee at Peets called and said she found the shawl in the back room, high up on a shelf. I did give her a small reward when I picked up the shawl. Now it is even more precious to me.

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