Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Internet sleuthing, Part 1

Last weekend, my daughter and I found a nice digital camera in Golden Gate Park. I decided to take it home so I could look for the owner. I posted an ad in craigslist, but realized that if the owner is on vacation here, he might not see the ad. There was no ID in the camera case, of course.

So I looked at the photos on the memory card--there are more than 480, starting over a year ago with pictures of his baby boy being born! Lots more pics of family and friends and some shots of military planes in exotic places like Japan, so I figured this guy might be in the Air Force. (Turns out he is in the Air National Guard, based in Hawaii).

My clever husband figured out how to enlarge the photos on the camera's viewfinder and told me what the markings on some of the planes mean--did you know that "AW" stands for "Air Wing"? He also enlarged an embroidered patch on a shirt so we could read the name: Haki Logan. I found the address of the base for that plane, but was not positive I should send the camera there--perhaps the photo wasn't his plane?

Then my friend Pam, who is an Internet sleuthing whiz, found a Web site where Haki and his wife posted pictures of themselves and their older son. The site includes e-mail addresses for both parents. I sent messages telling them that I found the camera, and am waiting to hear where they want me to mail it. I hope the loss of the camera (and those precious baby pictures!) has not ruined their vacation. At least they will have good news when they finally check e-mail. I'll post what happens as soon as I hear from them...

Part 2: Finally got an email from the owner--he is on vacation here and just saw my note. I will mail the camera to a relative of his in California. So all's well that ends well!


Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Don't you enjoy a good mystery. Looks like this one will have a happy ending.

I'm going to go photo my business card on both my cameras and plan to leave that photo on the camera as identification.

marina said...

Also, put your business card inside the bag--if your camera battery is dead, they might not be able to read the pictures on it. Luckily, the camera I found had enough charge left so we were able to do our sleuthing.

fototaker said...

not only are you intelligent and caring, you're SMaRT!! hahahahaa bless you and am sure you saved more than his vacation!!! HUGs!!