Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Firebird socks in all their glory.

These were some of the most challenging socks I have ever made. But now they are done and fit great. They are called Firebird, designed by the Tsock Tsarina for her 2008 Sock Club.


Anne said...

Wow, those are cool!


Sandy said...

Marina! Those socks are the best I have EVER seen! These might even get me out of my sandles, but geesh, I hate making socks... guess I will wait for a long vacation where it rains for two weeks straight. Seriously, are you going to be able to actually wear these? They are much too pretty!

marina said...

I do feel like framing them! But the yarn is quite sturdy so I will probably allow them to venture out of the house on carefully chosen occasions (not hiking! maybe to the mall :-)