Friday, August 24, 2007

A bunch of English links

Haven't dealt with my vacation photos yet, but I did just go through some wonderful needlework sites--these are places I saw at the big quilting show in Birmingham, England, which was the last day of my vacation.

Great stuff for machine embroidery:

Yarns for dyeing:

Stuffed toy kits (I love the hedgehogs!):

More stuff for embroidery:

I also still need to look up these wonderful people:
Fay Maxwell (her book is called "Crewel and Unusual")
Maggie Grey's "Workshops on the Web"
Quiltwow, a new Internet magazine
Bob Adams art quilts
Jo Buss art quilts

I saw (in person!) several famous quilters: Jennie Rayment, who did a funny talk at the Houston quilt show last November; Janet Bolton who does primitive applique and has a new book out, "Janet Bolton's Textile Pictures" which I ordered at the Birmingham show (the publisher is Quiltmania); Kaffe Fasset--he was helping a woman pick out fabrics for a quilt. She actually rejected one of his choices!; and Jane Greenoff, who has been designing cross stitch forever and also sells some unique little pincushions and things. I got a magnetic snail to hold my pins, very cute. And of course Bailey Curtis, who was one of the artists we met on the Textile Artists tour. I bought two of her books, "Inspiration to Stitch" and "Inspiration Plus." Very--uh--inspirational (these are not pattern books, but show you how various textile artists work on ideas).

There is so much to tell you about this trip, but I will spread it out in easily digestible chunks, and photos are coming soon, I promise. For now, check out some of those links...

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