Friday, April 20, 2007

Beatrix Potter

Did you know that Beatrix Potter was not just a children's book illustrator? She also was an excellent botanical artist--these are two small samples of her work. I just ordered several books about her art and life: "Miss Potter," "A Victorian Naturalist," and "Beatrix Potter: A life in Nature". (The last two books are not available through Amazon--I found them at The DVD of "Miss Potter" (movie) is coming out later this month--I did not see it in the theatre, so I will definitely be renting it.


zquilts said...

Beatrix Potter has been a favorite since early childhood for me !Thanks for reminding me that I had wanted to see the movie ! I did a random search on the ring and found your lovely blog !
Marie Johansen

marina said...

I'm glad you found me, I like to do the random searches on the ring, too.

Kyra said...

I saw the Beatrix Potter movie recently and actually cried! I wasn't aware of her lifestory and lost love. Thanks for sharing the book titles on your blog!

author, Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria

marina said...

I just read the Maltby book and wasn't too impressed by it--still haven't seen the movie, but it's probably much better than this book.