Saturday, March 31, 2007

Drawing the Landscape

At the garden show last weekend, I met a very nice artist, Chip Sullivan, who has published a book about drawing landscapes. I looked at every book vendor's stall at the show, but couldn't find it. (It's available at Amazon, though). Chip has a funny "cartoon" business card, and he drew a little sketch of his garden booth in my journal! His wife, Elizabeth Boults, is a landscape architect.

While I was standing there, another person attending the show came up and told Chip that his book had inspired him to draw several years ago, and he showed us his sketchbook. Of course, I had to show off my journal, too. Chip has a web site:

The other person I talked to a lot, LeaAyne Wilmot, was knitting a very interesting sock, adapted from a design by Blackberry Ridge. She was selling ceramic covers for switchplates, so of course I had to buy one for my bedroom wall. She doesn't have a web site but her email address is (JuneBerry is the name of their company).

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