Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Therese May's class at Houston

Here you can see the small quilt blocks I made in Therese May's class at the Quilt Festival in Houston. She gave us the background squares of fabric, which are nine inches square. Then I cut out fish from another fabric she provided, and fused them on along with some wiggly yellow pieces that look vaguely like seaweed.

Then the fun began--painting the heck out of it! I used squeeze bottles to paint edges around all the fused pieces, then a brush to dab spots of paint all over the squares. I think the paint really unifies them so it does not look like pieces of fabric stuck on top of a background. The closeup shows one fish square on a black background.

The link is to a fun knitting web site I just found! Check it out.

I also made four skull necklace blocks. These need outlining to bring out the necklace shapes--they are lost among all the paint dabs. This was tons of fun! Now, what do I do with seven fish and four skulls???


Karen said...

that really does look like fun! Can't wait to see what you do with them now.

Elle said...

I agree--it does look like a whole lot of fun!