Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Living in Paris

Living in Paris

I have decided that my dream is to live in Paris someday. This book (click on the text link above to see it on Amazon) looks like a good one--I have already read several on this topic.

Also, my Yellow Leaves at Tahoe quilt will be published in a book next year by C&T Publishing! The title will be "Innovative Fabric Imagery." They held a contest and I sent three pictures, they chose the Yellow Leaves piece (an excellent choice.) I posted it earlier, but I'll save you the time of digging through my past blogs and show it here again.

A local gallery has agreed to take this quilt and a couple of others to see if this kind of work will sell. Since this one needs to go to C&T for photography, I am making another one to go in the gallery. The gallery owner wants me to "tone down" the borders, so I am remaking "Reflections" and "Ft. Mason," also--she liked my architectural images better than the flowers. Here's a link to the gallery web site:

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