Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lots o' fotos

I finished up several small photo quilts just before I went on vacation, but didn't have time to post them. So here goes: "Filoli Trellis" (white flowers, brick wall) has some machine stitching to emphasize the shapes of the vines as they didn't stand out enough when printed. I did this before it was quilted. "Frank's Garden" (pink, green, and white) is a photo my cousin sent to me of a vine in his back yard. "Eucalyptus" is a shot I took at the Inn at Squaw Creek when I was attending Art Quilt Tahoe there last year. And "Hawaiian Flowers" is the photo I posted earlier of a picture I took at the zoo in Waikiki. These are all small--each print is about 8 x 10 after it is sewn. "Hawaiian Flowers" has only four prints, the others have more.


Maureen said...

Oh Marina! WoW!
At the moment I'm trying to work with art journal quilts in a 8 by 11 inch format and I love what you've done......particularly the Eucalypts......vases.


marina said...

Those vases looked so fabulous in the hotel, the way the light hit them, and the window behind--I knew they would make a great photo. At the time, I was not yet making photo quilts, I was planning on doing a watercolor painting or maybe just printing the photo on paper in the usual way.